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Who are we, what do we do? πŸš€πŸŒŸ

11:FS Foundry: Building Banks Fit For The Future

At 11:FS we see ourselves as the challenger team dedicated to helping banks and FS players transform themselves and the industry we love. For us this means rethinking what it takes to operate in financial services top to bottom to help our partners build and launch next generation digital propositions around the globe.

To do this we need an amazing team so we have pulled together the best in financial services and beyond. Our people have co-founded and grown challenger banks like Monzo, Starling, and Tandem, led the technology platforms at Nutmeg, Betfair and beyond and transformed banks like Lloyds, Halifax, Barclays, QNB and Natwest.

Truth be told, 11:FS isn't really one company. It is a collection of startups united by purpose. Our Consulting practice builds challenger propositions globally, like we did for Natwest with Mettle. Our Research and Benchmarking team has built the amazing 11:FS Pulse service used by the likes of Monzo, Starling, Natwest and Tesco Bank. Our 11:FS Foundry team are transforming core banking and architecture, aiming to do to core banking what AWS did to data centres. Lastly we are a media company, generating content that supports our brand and changes the conversation - not necessarily in that order.

And yet we don’t work like an agency, or a consultancy, or research house for that matter.

We are effectively building and launching new startup propositions for our clients and ourselves. We believe in treating every opportunity like a business, not a project. We believe in treating resources as if they were finite, even when they are plentiful, and our customer's reputation is as important to us as our own.

We like to think of ourselves as an FS special forces team with singular focus and an execution mindset. To live up to this, we need the best talent in the market. We hire great people and get out of their way. Everyone in our team relentlessly drives towards getting sh!t done and improving the industry we love. Come and get on the rocket ship.

What you'll be doing, πŸ’ΌπŸ€“

11:FS is seeking a VP of Engineering to grow and manage the engineering team and be responsible for developing the core product at the heart of the business. As a VP of Engineering not only will you know the market by heart but you will also be able to strike a balance between features that will expand the market or value of the product, with the headcount and capex spend required to get there. You will command the software development process, ensure the correct process is in place and followed. You will accurately assess the execution estimates then manage and update the forecast.


So what does it mean to be a True VP of Engineering? Let us explain.....

Scaling the company, and tech function...

The most important function of a VP of engineering is to build out the engineering team and set our company's engineering culture with our CTO. A rockstar in this role while there are clear markers of skill level for strong engineers β€” open source credibility, performance on coding tests, etc. β€” management is a more qualitative domain.

You should be be able to determine who will be good managers for the team, hire them, and be able to groom that skill set over time. You will know how to balance maintaining existing culture with evolving a new one because as an engineering organization starts to balkanize into sub-projects β€” which have to interoperate, yet are held to separate deadlines β€” good engineering leadership can manage the dynamic between the groups.

We want to see and know if you have gone beyond your on-paper qualifications and take a look at your existing and prior teams: Did they meet scheduled release dates? Did they have a sensible (vs. haphazard) process? Was there too much discord (i.e., unproductive vs. creative friction) between teams? You'll need to show us some track record here..

We do not believe in micro-management therefore you will give your team members enough ownership to make them feel happy and fulfilled in driving the product forward. We are adamant that a good VP of Engineering is reflected by the teams they lead and yours...will be the best! You will lead by example in meeting deadlines and building a sensible process whilst maintaining team morale and harmony.

Culture and startups have one thing in common: they are constantly shifting. 11:FS is growing fast and it is important the engineering organisation scales with it. Understanding the company's culture and vision and passing those values on to the team is essential to retain talent.

Product building...

You are critical to the development of product-planning phases. As product development often goes hand in hand with engineering, so imagine product teams will provide insight into the features, market size, and pricing, the VP of engineering provides feedback into the resources needed to deliver by a given date.

To be successful cross functionally, you should have a track record of showing how engineers will often do what they think is right for the company β€” take on technical debt, work nights and weekends, or skimp on quality assurance β€” to get a release out on time all without compromising quality and features that will disproportionately skew to only those needed by the immediate sales cycle (vs. other strategic development).

Execution is everything...

We have to agree that the output of any engineering organization is product. A well-functioning organization will not only build a high-quality product, but also hit pre-determined dates and accurately forecast updates to the timeline as it changes and as our VP, you will have full command of the software development process, and ensures the correct process is in place and followed.

But how do you execute properly, effectively, successfully?

We want you to maintaining morale (and therefore high work output). Often morale and output seem somewhat opposed; more side projects, time off, and ancillary training are assumed to lead to better morale. You will give your teams enough ownership and latitude that they are happy and fulfilled in driving the product forward.

We run in true agile mode and therefore it is crucial that during the sprints, you will lead the team to finding repeatable product fit in a market, showing value and getting customer feedback is critical. You will guide the team towards more practical, incremental designs that can garner useful external feedback quickly β€” without compromising the long-term generality of the system. Your ultimate role is producing the architecture, but ensuring that incremental release is a real requirement in the design process.

You will have to know how to work under pressure. A hallmark of a strong VP of engineering is to maintain composure while navigating this chaos. A strong VP of engineering provides the backbone for an engineering function that withstands the pressure of the business, while also growing the org and without letting it collapse under the weight of an ad hoc process. While scaling an organisation it might be challenging to create quality products, manage client feedback and prioritise development in timely manner. You will have a deep attention to details combined with a strong sense of deadline and will provide the rest of the company transparency into the process.


Some of the things we deem benefits? πŸ‘‘β™›πŸ€‘

11:FS is just 2 years old and whilst we are a startup, we don't behave like one at most times. So think Flexible Working, competitive salary/day rate, and the autonomy to enable you to help shape the destiny of this great company. You'll be joining us to work with one of THE BEST teams in financial services. And this goes to saying that we have an outstanding team of company leaders, project leaders and subject matter of experts in every division you come into.

You only live once, make it count

*No agencies please, we're not trying to be rude, but very likely to ignore unsolicited CVs because its just not the way we do things here! 🀞*

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